Nothing Like a Good Deal!

I just want to say, I LOVE to bargain shop.  I’m not an “extreme couponer” or a hoarder.  I just enjoy not paying outrageous prices for things.  My grandma always taught us, the best things in life are at least 50% off.  It has actually become something our family is known for doing.  I have been told my kids are spoiled, in a sense they are.   My mom and my aunt shop for my girls. They go out together 3 days a week, my aunt goes out everyday regardless.  My husband and I are very blessed that we don’t have the burden of having to buy clothes, shoes, blankets, toys, hair accessories ect.

Are my girls spoiled, yes, but it’s not in the spoiled rich kid sense, its in the sense that someone else (my aunt) who has no kids of her own and is financially set for life has chosen to take this burden off myself and my husband.  We have never asked for it, the day after we came home from the hospital her and my mom started their 3 days a week shopping trips.  My aunt also, is a bargain shopper.  My girls stuff from yard sales, thrift stores, or clearance racks. Just to be clear, my aunt doesn’t just buy for my kids, she has provided stuff for church VBS (churches she does not attend) buys to donate to the local food banks/shelters, missionaries. She has a very giving heart.

So back to my bargain topic 🙂  I have been planning a baby shower for my sister-in-law who is due in August.  Because, we like most people live paycheck to paycheck I have gave myself the goal of doing this shower only on the 20/week babysitting money I earn.  I have the mother of the mom-to-be to help me with a few things such as games/prizes, the invites for their side and some of the food.  So I have decorations, food, cake, some invites, prize basket for the diaper raffle.  This shower has been a true test to use all my resources. Because I have 2 more baby showers to attend this year, possibly planning the last one on behalf of one of my aunts.  The second shower I’m attending is literally 1 week after the one I’m throwing for my sister-in-law.  So my shopping has been in full bargain mode.

So with some help from my mom since she is shopping 3 days a week, I have been able to manage to score sooo much stuff already.  I saved all my unused diapers that my girls outgrew before they could all be used up.  So those diapers combined with a diaper lot I found on a local swap site I spent a total of $35 on almost 500 diapers!  So I have enough diapers for at least the first 2 showers.  I plan on using a good amount on diaper cake centerpieces for my sister-in-laws shower.

I have a favorite “hole-in-the-wall” store that I go to about once a week.  Its a local mom & pop shop, that gives you a thrift store feel when you walk in except they sell all the clearance, damaged boxes, returned items from the local Walmart,Kmart,Home Depot, Target ect.  I really hit a good sale there when they were getting a huge truck load from Home Depot and needed to clear out all their toys so it was a “fill a tub for $20” sale and boy did I hit it up good.  I only got 1 tub worth but after counting how many items I got, I spent an average of 68cents per item.  I’ll post some pics of all the toys I got!  I know I got at least $250 worth the stuff!  SCORE!  Oh another bonus I got from this store was a big box of boxes of plastic silverware, no prices so I asked, they said 50cents a box!  I was getting 288 piece boxes for 50 cents!  Silverware for the shower done!  I got the Step 2 “Little Helpers” wagon for $10 on another trip there and retails at $52.99  So below are pics of my baby stock pile 🙂  the piles of clothes is stuff I’ve pretty much got when I swore my 2nd was a boy 😉 along girl stuff we never used that still had all the tags on it.  The most expensive thing in the pictures is the Born Free Naturals bottle set, I scored that 50% off, but still paid $24 for it. Everything pictured I’ve only invested something between $60 – $70 for everything!  Oh and my stock pile has grown since these pics were taken a few weeks ago!






My mom grabbed me a pack of 80 cups for 50 cents at a thrift store, along with some packs of balloons and other decor items I could use here and there. Last summer I was big into learning how to knit and crochet so my mom and aunt was picking me up all the yarn they could when it was cheap so I found 5 skeins of the same yarn, that matches my color scheme perfect for this shower, after getting 1 skein done I found my daughter with it cutting it all up so that one was not able to be saved but I got the other 4 and got them done.  I’m using this to wrap around the diaper cakes rather then the traditional ribbon.   In this pic the yarn is already crocheted, I did a finger crochet to give it a “chunky” look.


So my baby shower shopping list is slowly getting marked off, we are pretty much down to food, tablecloths, balloons, safety pins, stuff to make a gift basket for the diaper raffle. clothes pins.  Just the easy stuff I can grab at the dollar store.  I’m excited and exhausted, just ready for the week of the shower to get here so I can build all these centerpieces and get everything out of my house and get my storage closet back lol.

Oh a side not, along with that tub of toys for $20 I scored some birthday and Christmas presents.  One of the presents being this camera for my 3yr old!  I was so excited when I saw that it retails at $90!  I feel so blessed to be able to provide such an awesome Christmas present to my daughter that we couldn’t afford to just go out an purchase.


Do any of you enjoy a good deal?  Any tips or tricks?


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