Moving on without the Drama

Now that I’ve blogged about my emotional roller coaster that I’ve been on this weekend, I feel like I’m free from all that drama. Yes, the loss of my niece is still painful for me, but she will never be forgotten.  May 29th will always be a special day to me, because that is the day I became an Auntie (on my side, my husbands side I became an Auntie when I said “I do” 😉 )

Brother/sister drama has surrounded me since I was 7.  I have learned to just ignore my brother, and walk away because he always has to have the last word.  I’ve spent many years pretending I was an only child, unless there was information my mom felt was “need to know”.  So, I am just going back to those ways.  I’m not going to waste my time any further trying to bend over backwards to try and build a relationship with people who do not have any interest in having one with me.

Sister-in-law drama, although is not as familiar with me as the brother/sister drama.  It has been something I’ve come to be very familiar with  over the past 4 years.  I have 5 sister-in-laws and only talk to 2 of them.  The rest don’t like me let alone even know me, 1 of those which I’m currently in the middle of planning a baby shower for, because no know else will do it.

I have grown up  a lot over the past 4 years.  Becoming a wife and mom has really helped me grow leaps and bounds.  I’ve realized that if people don’t want to know me, or my kids, than that is their loss.  I am a very kind, loving, and loyal person who happens to have 2 very amazing little girls.  Anybody would be lucky to have my girls in their life.



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