Technology & Toddlers

So recently, I was in a group conversation about my girls using technology, when a soon-to-be-mom chimed in with her comment of “Oh my children will not touch technology before the age of 5”.  I just looked at her and replied “When you see the benefits to their development you will change your mind”.  She did the usual roll of the eyes and stuck her nose in the air.  Because being as young as she is, and not actually having any children yet, so knows EVERYTHING.  She is also the reason I wrote my blog “If only I knew then, what I know now when it comes to baby registries“. 

I know there are people who are against toddlers using technology, but I’m all for it, as long as it’s in moderation.  I have 2 girls, ages 3.5 & 2.5 (yes they are less than a year apart).  Even their pediatrician is amazed at their development and comments on how awesome technology is for teaching toddlers.  My 3yr old was counting to 20 before she was 3, she can count to 10 in Spanish (myself and my husband do not speak Spanish, mind you).  She knows her alphabet, and will sing you her ABC’s.  She knows at least 30 Animals and sounds, different insects, and all her shapes to where she is now learning geometric shapes as well and knowing her colors.  My 2yr old is not far behind her in learning these things.  They are also working on learning money.  Completing 46 piece floor puzzles that are not the standard square/rectangle shape.

I do limit how much time they spend on my tablet, but the only things they have to play on it is educational games.  Right now at their ages, their brains are sponges.  Why not take every advantage we can to teach them as much as possible?  I don’t allow the technology to do all the teaching.  I have workbooks we do on a regular basis, to get her in the habit of doing schoolwork since we plan on homeschooling our kids.  If there is a show she likes I look on Hulu for the Spanish version of the show and have them watch it in Spanish.  They still respond to the TV when its at an interactive part like with Dora the Explorer.  At their age they can still understand whats going in the show, it just amazes me.

My mom has always taught me, “Everything within moderation  that is exactly what I live by.  My kids still run around and play like I did at that age.  They have amazing imaginations, I just sit back and watch them play.  I love seeing their imagination shine through and see what kind of adventures it takes them on.  I think kids today get too much technology and TV.  Parents are letting those things babysit their kids.  Why not let them take adventures in their imagination?  We didn’t have all this stuff growing up and most of us turned out fine.  We need to use technology to our advantage and not abuse the use of it.  Our kids could accomplish sooo much more than we were able to.  Isn’t it most every parents dream for their kids to get further in life than ourselves?


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