Did she seriously just say that!

Last night, after my husband was home from work, we were wrestling around with our girls.  My 3yr old stopped dead in her tracks and was just looking at him, and blurted out, “You’re black!”  I busted up laughing while she and my husband argued  between him being black or brown.  He finally got her to agree to brown and then said “Your light brown” and her reply was, “Nooo I’m not,  I’m WHITE!”  He again argued that she’s light brown and Mommy is white.  She then decided she was pink and Grandma is red (letting it be known red is her favorite color).

After things calmed down around the house, my husband and I were trying to figure out how she came about to notice the different colors.  She knows her colors when it comes to coloring, but we have never discussed skin colors.  We knew this topic would eventually pop us as they got older, but I figured she would be more like 5-6 before she started asking questions.

There has been the occasional comment from my husband and mother-in-law on how white or pale I am.  I can basically glow in the dark lol. For the most part the comments haven’t been made in front of our kids unless they were running across a room while the comment was made. Shielding them from seeing “color” rather than people has been a goal of ours.

So obviously, I’m White, and my husband is Black and Hispanic.  Our girls look white for the most part, our youngest has more “ethnicity” to her hair.  Most people have a hard time guessing what my husband is because he is in fact a brown color.  If you ask what my husband “What race are you?” you will get the reply “Human” and if you ask “What are you?” you will get “American”.

We don’t see color, we don’t want to see color.  We see human beings as it should be.  God looks on the heart and not the outward appearance so why should we?  The more I think about my daughter the more I’m not surprised she has noticed already.  She is a very curious child, and from the moment she was born she has not missed a single thing.  She hears the slightest movements, she can spots the smallest details.  She is quite the puzzle solver these days as well.

I know I cannot always protect my children from all the bad in the world, but I will do the best that I can to show them all the good.


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