If only I knew then, what I know now when it comes to baby registries

So recently, I’ve come to learn that I’m throwing a baby shower for my new sister-in-law.  She obviously, is a first time mom and is pretty young.  I told her I needed her to go register for it, and I could take her.  Having 2 kids myself I figured I’d be better than her taking her husband (who is younger than her!). She declined my offer so I suggested she go with her sister who is also a mom.

For funsies I checked to see if she had registered yet, and found out she did. I went through her registry and realized that her sister was no help at all.  90% of her registry is clothes.  She registered for things she won’t need til at least close to the second year like size 5 & 6 diapers, shoes that are size 5/6, sippy cups that are for 18mos +.

The things that she needs like bottles, binkies, blankets were no where to be found.  I understand she wants to breastfeed, but why register for milk storage bags if you have no bottles to pour the milk into to feed your baby?   I told her she needs to have a backup plan, in case something happens like it did with myself.  My milk went bad after 6.5 weeks so I was forced to stop and had to switch to formula.

So I decided I would take my knowledge and experience and make a list of all the items I would register for if I was a first time mom, knowing all the things I know now.  Also, I would make an Amazon Baby Registry  because lets face it, online shopping is more popular these days.

Medela Pump in Style Breast Pump Starter Kit
Kiindee Twist Starter Set
Kiindee Twist Bottles (2pk)
Kiindee Twist Pouches (20pk or bigger)
Kiindee Twist Nipple Cleaning Brushes
Kiindee Twist Bottle Warmer
Kiindee Twist Nipples (2pks each size)
Kiindee Foodii Squeeze Starter Set
Kiindee Squeeze Spoons (2pks)
Kiindee Twist Pouch Funnel (2pks)
Kiindee Snack Spouts (2pks)
Nursing Pads (I’m not picky but I like the BamBoobies)
BamBoobies Organic nipple cream
Nursing Cover/Scarf
Boppy Pillow
Nuby 3-in-1 bottle/cup (this transitions a child from a bottle to a sippy, it comes with 3 different nipple/spouts)
Ingenuity Trio 3-in-1 High Chair
2 wubanubs
2 packs of Soothie Pacifiers
Munchkin Fresh Food Feeders (2 of the 2 packs)
Munchkin Snack Cups
Take & Toss spoons
Silicone Food Storage Trays w/lids
Bottle Brushes

Diapering (I myself use disposable diapers)
2 packs newborn diapers ( I prefer huggies or pampers for nb & 1)
2-3 big cases of size 1
2-3 big cases of size 2 (once I get to size 2 Im not picky on brands)
3 big cases of size 3 ( Once I get to size 3 I get the Sams Club brand)
3 cases of huggies one & done wipes (or Target brand unscented)
SoHo Collection 7piece diaper bag set (so many cute designs!)
2 cans of Penaten Diaper Creme (I call it my Miracle Creme)

Baby Jogger City Versa Stroller
Evenflo Symphany LX car seat (the only seat you will ever need)
Evenflo Embrace LX infant seat (if you prefer to have one)
Moby Wrap
Ingenuity Washable Play Yard w/Dream Centre
Fisher Price 4-in-1 Rock ‘n Glide Soother
Fisher Price Vibrating Rock N Play Sleeper
Fisher Price Jumperoo
Bumbo + tray
Walker (ONLY if I had no carpet)

Health & Safety
Angelcare Movement & Sound Monitor
Fisher Price 4-in-1 Sling & Seat Tub
Safety 1st 46 piece child proofing kit (plus whatever else is needed)
Wall Mounted baby gates
Best Infant Thermometer (yes that is the name it does both forehead and ear)
Amber Teething necklace
Safety 1st Deluxe Healthcare & Grooming Kit
Coconut Oil
Baby Shampoo
Baby Soap

Fisher Price 6 piece Nursery Furniture Bundle
Safety 1st Heavenly Dreams Crib Mattress
Changing Table pad
Rocking Chair
Crib Sheets (5 or so)
Changing table covers (2)

Other Stuff
Hangers (4pks)
Swaddle Me (2)
Sleep Gowns
Burp Clothes
Blankets (at least 5)
Receiving Blankets (10-12)
Packs of Onesies
A few cute outfits (most people will buy clothes regardless)
Teething toys


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