Memorial Day: Not just another reason for a BBQ

Memorial Day has become a sign that school is about to end, summer is on it’s way, and another day to hang out with friends and family and stuff yourself full of food.  It’s become just another government holiday that means no mail , no trash pick up, and stores will be closing early, or closed all together.  My husband was at work and a fellow worker asked a customer if they have any plans for Memorial Day (mind you this was an adult they asked) and she responded with, ” I don’t celebrate Memorial Day… I don’t even know what the day is for.”

I wish I was there at that moment to respond with this…
It’s about the 116,516 Americans killed in WWI.
It’s about the 405,399 Americans killed in WWII.
It’s about the 36,686 Americans killed in the Korean War.
It’s about the 58,209 Americans killed in the Vietnam War.
It’s about 2,200 Americans killed in the Afghanistan War.
It’s about the 4,500 Americans killed in the Iraq War.
And all the Americans killed in other wars.

What is going on with our country?  Where is the American pride?  Between people not know why we celebrate Memorial Day, to people stomping on or  burning the flag.  Back in the good ‘ole days this would NOT be OK.  What’s the point of having people willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to protect our flag and freedom when people these days don’t even appreciate it.  More than ever, I take this very personal.

The reason I take this personally is because I come from a family with military pride.  On my moms side, my Grandpa was Navy, my Uncle Ben was Army and served in Vietnam, I have at least 3 cousins that were Army, 1 I know for sure saw combat. A cousin who is about to retire from the Army as a CW5 Officer with 28yrs of service, her daughter is married to an Airman. My brother and his wife just got out of the Air Force. On my dads side my biological grandfather was Air Force, my grandpa was a Marine and served in the Korean War. My cousin married a Navy man.  My husbands side is very military.  My father-in-law was Army, he served in Panama.  many cousins that were military along with my brother-in-law who is Army Infantry and has served 3 tours of duty now.

My brother-in-law has seen more that anyone could imagine, unless they were on the front lines during war.  God has spared his life more than once, unfortunately he has lost a number of his brothers.  Now he is going through a medical discharge.  He has severe PTSD, is now deaf in 1 ear, and many other medical problems going on.  He isn’t just my brother-in-law, he’s a dad to 2 amazing kids, a brother to 1 sister, 5 brothers and 3 sister-in-laws including myself, and then his wife’s siblings.  He is and will forever remain my hero.

So while your enjoying your day off please remember this day is only here because of men and women who have sacrificed their lives to defend our flag and freedom.  My challenge is for everyone to learn something new about a solider who has paid the ultimate price.  Here is the link to an amazing story from December 20, 2013 of a 94yr old woman who has waited 63 years for her husband to return home from war.


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