Diaper rash miracle cream

Has or does anyone’s child have/had really nasty diaper rashes?  My girls got horrible rashes while teething.  I’m talking open sores and bleeding, it was pretty bad.  After trying every OTC cream with my first, I had to take her to the doctors.  They gave us a Rx cream that still didn’t work.  With my second I learned about coconut oil, but even that didn’t work as good.

My mother-in-law became my hero!   She got me my miracle cream that fixed all my problems the same day!  This is what she used with last 4 of her sons.  This is an item you would have to use Amazon or eBay to purchase because it is from Germany.  She found it while living over there while my father-in-law was in the Army and then staying there as a missionary.

There are negative reviews on how thick the cream is, that is actually a good thing!  It won’t come off if they pee on themselves so the affected areas stay protected.  It is made by Johnson & Johnson, but once again its a German product.  It is called Penaten.  I’ll post a picture below.



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