Daddy take me to the ball!

The bond between a daddy and his daughter(s), is such a special thing to have.  I am so blessed to be able to witness this bond between my husband and our girls.  I’ll share a story with you, about something that happened a few months back that really just my made love cup run over.

Our daughter, Miriam, is 3yrs old.  She had recently discovered Princesses.  While watching one of her favorite episodes of Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, “Minnie-rella” she came running to me saying “Momma, when’s my daddy coming home?” and I replied “She should be home soon, maybe an hour.”  She responded with, “Mom, I need daddy to take me to the ball!”

I got the phone and called daddy and handed it to Miri.  He answered and she told him she needed him to take her to the ball and he said he would as soon as he got home.  Time couldn’t go by fast enough for Miri.  She was so excited.  She went and got her favorite princess dress on and waited as patiently as she could.

My husband, Isaiah, got home….finally.  He walked through the gate and sat his stuff down as Miri ran to him, and he picked her up and just danced around with her.  Something so simple, but a memory I will never forget.  That moment was only a few minutes before our 2nd daughter, Trinity, needed some attention from daddy.

That moment reminded me how caught up we get in life.  Between doing dishes, sweeping,  laundry, grocery shopping, party planning and whatever else goes on in our life, we need to really slow it down and cherish these moments, because our kids only grow up once.  Sadly, that moment was a huge reminder that my babies are no longer babies.

Below is a song that really reminded me of this story 🙂


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